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Hate Story 3 Movie Review

Hate Story 3

Flawed Script and average performance makes the film absurd and half baked

The third film of the so called erotic franchise of Hate Story called Hate Story 3 is finally going to hit the theaters this Friday. This erotic thriller of revenge is directed by Vishal Pandya, while it is produced by the known music company called T Series’ owner Bhushan Kumar along with Vikram Bhatt. The film is written by Vikram Bhatt itself, while the music is given by Amaal Malik and Meet Bros. The film has Sharman Joshi, Zarine Khan, Karan Singh Grover and Daisy Shah in the lead roles, while Puja Gupta is seen in the role of special appearance for the song Neendein Khul Jaati Hain. Well, time to take a plunge in the film to understand its core as under:


The film Hate Story 3 is all set to take the franchise of Hate story much further, thanks the buzz created by the hot trailer of the film. Unlike the previous two films from this franchise, Hate Story 3 is a saga of vengeance once Aditya Deewan a young businessman played by Sharman Joshi is betrayed by one of his prospective clients called Saurav Singhania played by Karan Singh Grover leaves no room for him to get his wife Siya Deewan played by Zarine Khan into her folds. Despite his consent, she falls under his fold to address his carnal desire till she realises that it was a hoax created by this man simply to meet his base desires. Amidst all this Kavya played by Daisy Shah has her own role to play in expediting this unwanted deal keeping things covered for long? So, what happens at the end and how the mission of revenge is accomplished in the film is worthy to explore.

Script Analysis

There is nothing new in this film, unlike the previous two Hate Stories (Hate Story 1 & 2), you hardly find anything unusual in it. Though this time the director has tried to add a couple of characters in the lead role to make the film interesting and catchy but at the end it seem nothing but an exercise to futility. The idea of trying some spice in the name of sensuality and glamour in the film to get the buzz going seems to be an old strategy, which comes at paying the price of getting ‘A’ certificate from the censor board. With too many changes being cited out by the board, the film may witness some kind of quality degradation for the film. Both the first and second half of the film seem to move with lowly pace at times even getting tossed to become directionless. Ironically, there is nothing much to enjoy rather craving over the erotic stuff displayed in the film. Overall, the film has a hollow script with not much interesting content to be seen over the silver screen.

Star Performances

Hate Story 3 has loads of actors in the film, however, not all fall under the category of power packed performers. Well, start with Sharman Joshi in the role of a young businessman called Aditya Deewan, he seemed okay and decent in his character and the kind of his body language in different sequences and dance or romantic number like Tujhe Apne Banane Ki have worked. Overall, he is the only decent performer in the film, while others seemed lag behind for obvious reasons. Both Zarine Khan and Daisy Shah have been involved in the catfight of calling their characters to be parallel leads, however, the former enjoys much better screen space than the latter. And the tug of war only settled down with the intervention of Salman Khan as they have this man in common. Now, talking about Zarine Khan’s performance, well, she isn’t is known for having too many films and so is Daisy Shah. Hence expecting something big from them is a naive thing to try. Making an erotic film with her seems to be a bad idea, considering her non conformance figure and persona. Well, she is more known to be a plumb than a size zero actresses hence to expect from her something extraordinary is a foolish idea. She in Hate Story 3 was average in terms of performance though she can score some point by exposing a lot in this erotic vengeance tale. Now, talking about Daisy Shah, she isn’t that present in the film, hence with low screen space can she be able to do justice is big question to ask. Again an average performer and last but not the least Karan Singh Grover in his negative character is nothing but a nightmarish performer in the film. The less we speak about this man the better it is.

Direction, Music, Screenplay, Editing and Technical stuff

There isn’t much to talk about the direction as Pandya seemed to have grossly mismanaged a number of actors in the film giving a half baked and perplexing story to the audience. Direction has some flaws as it failed to bring out the right potential and emotion of the actors over the silver screen. Except Sarman no one seems to be par and even director has to be blamed for this. Talking about music, it seems to be on a right track but that’s only due to the presence of romantic and erotic numbers like Tujhe Apna Banane Ki. Nevertheless the other elements like editing and technical stuff seemed okay after all what charm one can have without these elements while catching up an erotic film like Hate Story 3.

Hate Story 3 Review – Last word

Hate Story 3 is essentially a vengeance saga unlike the previous two films from this franchise of HS. However, this time it is more of erotica than of any worthy story to be covered in it. Right from the flawed script, content and story, the film has average performance over the silver screen. The other elements seemed okay but failed down to propel the movie to go up. Yet, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the collection rising high for the film for the obvious reason called sizzling, nookyy and Glamorous Zarine Khan. With so many flaws, the film appears to be half baked and I feel pity for the audience who spend their hard money to catch up films like this. Only God Can Help it or the erotica of the film is there to handle itself!

Critics Rating:

3 Stars Rating

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