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Hate Story 2 beats other two releases with 5.4 crore collection at box office

poster amit shahni list, hate story 2 and Pizza

It seems that the hot and sensual avatar of Surveen Chawla seems to be working for Hate Story 2, which was released yesterday along with Amit Sahni Ki List and Pizza. In fact, the fight between these three movies proved out in the favor of Hate Story 2 as it crosses 5 crore figure on day one. Though Amit Shahni Ki List, seems to have week promotion as compared to these two hence was not able to stand right across the duo. The promotion of both Pizza and Hate Story 2 has been effective to make their presence felt over the media. Since Pizza had nothing except the 3D element, hence it simply failed to catch up the audience, which is not the case with Hate Story 2.

Since the posters and trailers of the sequel surfaced in the media and social media platforms, it has become the talk of the town. Thanks to the hot and sensual avatar of the debutant star Surveen, which went viral thus bringing the crowd for the movie. However, the movie didn’t just rock simply due to the hot babe on the screen but it had the substance, which Pizza and other movie seemed to lagging behind. Perhaps talking about the figure, the two seems to be polls apart, when you see sizzling Story 2 reaching to 5.46 crore, Pizza seemed struggling with mere 75 lakhs, which makes it far behind the sequel. The third one in the row seemed much beyond comparison.

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