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Has Kavita Kaushik voluntarily quitted the show? – Bigg Boss 14

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It can be truly said that Bigg Boss 14 ki game ‘plat gayi’. This is definitely one of the most exciting seasons of Bigg Boss. Right from the beginning, it started with the entering of the seniors, their contribution to revelations of darkest secrets by contestants. It has totally been a roller coaster ride. The season is said to reach finale week as per the sources. Whether it is real or surprise, we are still waiting to get it official.

Loads of things are happening at once, lately Aly Goni eliminated from the show due to low performance in task. It was hard to see him going as, he was one the strong contestant as well as a lively element in the whole place. Now the news are propping up that Kavita Kaushik has voluntarily walking out of the show. It happened so that the Bigg Boss has grilled the contestants about not taking the house rules seriously. Conversing in English is very normal. No contestant seems to pay heed to it. Rest other rules like listening to the captain, performing house duties are also ignored like anything. Bigg Boss asked the contestants are they really serious about the show. On this Kavita Kaushik seems pissed and walked out voluntarily. She admitted that she is not serious about the trophy. Also, she justified that she would let somebody else who is really passionate about the show. Further, she specified that she is not able to handle the toxic environment of the house.

Though, she was quite entertaining and also made friends who stood by her side. Nikki Tamboli is always seen with her. They were also completing task with vigor and enthusiasm. God knows how she took such a big decision to end her journey.

Well, the real news or the official will be confirmed in the coming episodes. No doubt it would be exciting to watch what exactly happened.

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