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Harsh Beniwal

Harsh Beniwal Bio :

Born: 13 Feb 1996
Age : 20
Birthplace : Pitampura , New Delhi
Height: 1.65 m

20 years old Harsh Beniwal from New Delhi is a video content creator on social media sites such as instagram, Facebook and You tube. His 50 seconds videos on these social platforms have got as many as 50,000 likes. His videos are mostly comic.

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Harsh was born on 13 February 1996. He has become very popular as one of the young viners on the social media platform. Harsh is presently pursuing a degree in B.C.A. Since his childhood Harsh loved to emote and imitate actors. He also loved to perform on the stage and present himself in front of the audience. Comedy was always his forte as he loved to imitate comedians. When the application of Dubsmash became popular, he posted many videos with comic scenes from popular movies. However it did not prove such a great opportunity for him. When he got to know about content creation videos on Youtube and other platforms, he got his best performances out on these media. His videos got so popular that he was asked to make one video every week. Harsh grabbed this opportunity and what followed was a series of hit videos in 2015 that made Harsh Beniwal a known name on social media. Harsh promoted himself through these platforms and today he has huge number of followers.

Harsh Beniwal always aspired to get into a different profession than the usual ones. His choice of being an actor and entertainer was not easy. He met with many challenges but finally as he established himself as an entertainer, he is happy that he chose this way for himself. Today he is one of the most popular viners on the internet in India.

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