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‘Harry & Meghan’ docu-series received THIS reaction from the royal family

Harry & Meghan docu-series has made a huge buzz receiving a lot of popularity. As the series based on the life of Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has gained enough publicity, many questions have arisen. The six-part series shows the couple several incidents where they felt uneasy about the royal family’s response to how the media treated Meghan during her initial days in the UK.

In one episode, Harry is heard revealing what a family member said, “My wife had to deal with all those things, so what’s special about your girlfriend is to treat her differently.” Harry replied to the family member by saying, “In this case, it’s about race which is the difference here.”

Harry & Meghan

Meghan is an American and is the type of person who hugs people when they meet. However, she revealed in the documentary her realization that this humble behavior of hers is discordant to many British people. In one of the episodes of Harry & Meghan, she said, “I think I understood it rapidly that formality on the outside is carried through inside.”

Some media groups have claimed that Kate Middleton has been hurt and feels cheated by the comments made by Harry & Meghan in this Netflix documentary. A source close to the development stated that Prince William is staying noble and is in a friendly relationship.

As per the reports, Prince William, the Prince of Wales has denied giving his opinions on the story or reacting in any manner.

What more drama will unfold after Harry & Meghan reveal their life incident in this series? Stay tuned to know!

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