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Happy to have actress Preeti Dhyani as wife : Tanuj Soni

Jeetu Likhar



Preeti Dhyani And Tanuj Soni

Preeti Dhyani And Tanuj Soni

Tanuj Soni credited as casting director for many television shows like Ishq Subhan Allah, Gudiya Hamari Sabhi pe Bhari, Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta says he is happy to have actress Preeti Dhyani as his wife.

“I’m really lucky to have Preeti around me as my wife. She is very understanding and keeps sharing lots of positivity. We have completed one year of togetherness. I’m in all love with her smile. As I was attracted to her for that smile and the way she talks and carry herself,” Tanuj said in the statement.

Asked if he is fine with actress being part of showbiz even after her marriage. He reveals, “Yes I’m fine with her carrier. If she will get good projects in future also. I will be with her always.”

Later Tanuj also made clear that he would not love to request someone to cast Preeti just they have relation now.

He continues, “If I’m doing any project. And I feel she is fit for that role. Will definately do her audition.
Rest depends on her performance. If she will do good in that audition, she will be selected otherwise surely not. But will not anyday say to anyone that please consider her as she is my wife.”

Preeti has acted in television shows like Crime Alert, Kaun Hai and others.

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