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Happy Ending Movie Review – A Crackling Romantic Comedy

Happy Ending Movie review

This Friday, Happy Ending is a solo release, which means, it enjoys zero competition from any other news releases for the day. The movie stars Saif Ali Khan and Ileana D’Cruz in the lead roles, along with others including Kalki Koechlin, Ranvir Shorey, Preity Zinta, Kareena Kapoor and Govinda. The movie is directed by the duo directors – Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K, while is produced under the banner of Illuminati Films. The movie falls under the category of romantic comedy, and its trailer has already made a good buzz among the audience, which is going to have a good presence of Saif Ali Khan. Now, let’s dig into this movie and get the crux of the same as under.

Let’s start with the plot of Happy Ending. Yudi, is a character of a writer which is being played by Saif Ali Khan. This man has however, not written a single story since past few years and hence is trying hard to get a comeback. While doing this, he is engulfed in between the two important elements- finding inspiration and finding the love. On the other side, you have a fading film star who is trying hard to get his stardom back. This character belongs to Govinda called Armaan, who decides to go to Hollywood in order to find out the Bollywood script, which is written in the western (Hollywood) style. He then come across Yudi, whom he finds the ray of hope and thus he requests him to write a movie for him. Now, what happens the next comes together the crux of all these in the film. The actresses like Ileana D Cruz, Kalki Koechlin and Ranvir Shorey have poked in the movie with interesting roles, with most of them playing the cameos in Happy Ending.

Now, let’s talk about the performance of various actors found in the movie. The major comes in the form of Yudi who is a writer putting all efforts to embark with a new and interesting script for Arman the actor who is struggling to get back his lost stardom. Saif has two roles or to be specific a double role in the movie. The major one is the character of Yudi, the struggling writer while next comes in the form of Yogi, which is a cameo in Happy Ending. As an actor, he has come a long way and has seen numerous transformations while playing different character. Post Dil Chahta Hai has been phenomenal in career graph. However, with recent movie like Humshakals, he has tried something, which he doesn’t really fit into. He was seen in a character of comedy with bad punch lines and humours, which simply made things from bad to worse. Thanks to Sajid Khan who keeps on trying something weird and thus hampering the image of Saif to some extent.

Now, with Happy Ending, Saif is again back with a romantic comedy, but the story differs a lot with Humshakals. In Happy Ending, you can find the Chote Nawab somewhere made for romantic and comedy movies. You cannot just match his timing and thus Happy Ending has all the potential to be a big winner for the Race 2 Actor. Now, if you check his cameo role of Yogi, he is the man with loads of humour and hilariously different than the main character of Yogi. Now, let’s talk about Ileana D’Cruz, as we all know she is blessed with silver spoons in her mouth since not a single movie of hers has gone astray. Call it her talent or luck, but all her movies have garnered a good review for her performances and similar are the story with Happy Ending as well.  Her first time on-screen chemistry with Saif Ali Khan seems to be super cracking, which is basically a blend of romance and hotness. They simply do not appear to be good but thanks to their incredible comic timing, they seemed to have overshadowed others.

Now comes Govinda, he is indeed the megastar of comedy, who is simply a versatile actor giving incredible performances. He can be called as a man with many parts, you give him comedy, romance, negative role, serious stuff, or what not, and we have seen him every time carving all together a different niche for him in the B Town movies. Remember his last week release Kill Dil, it has been incredible wherein he has played the central character, which happens to be of gray shade. He was fabulous in this job, likewise, the character of Arman, which happens to be the contrast of Bhayyaji of Kill Dil, would really impress everyone. After all, the incredible amount of comic timing of this man in the film has been brilliant in Happy Ending. The others like Kalki who plays the ex-lover of Saif’s character has once again left the critic and audience speechless. Kareena Kapoor Khan in her cameo performance once again proves out to be a head turner moments for all, you would certainly enjoy the gorgeous Bebo on-screen. Lastly, Preity Zinta was as usual, unlike her previous movies with Saif be it Salam Namaste or Kya Kehna. In other words, she was seen struggling, while portraying her character in the cameo role. Perhaps, she is still to come out from her Preity-Wadia Syndrome.

 Talking about the other aspects, Music was brilliant from the duo music director- Sachin and Jigar and all their songs seemed soulful and mesmerizing. Right from the song Mileya Mileya to Pushy Cat and Jaise Mera Tu, invariably all of them are been the chart toppers. Other aspects like direction, editing, the screen play and cinematography too were par and can impress the audience and critics equally. You would certainly enjoy watching some of the best locations of the United States since most of the movie is shot in various places of this country including Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Happy Ending Review  Last words

Happy Ending can be called as a light hearted comedy, which is all about the rom-coms. It is very much fresh and funny kind of film, which takes on the modern day relationships to a different level. You would find most of the elements of any typical Bollywood movie being touched before the movie end up, however, since the movie is a bona fide romantic comedy, it is simply seen going beyond. As you often find the crux of any rom-com movie to be a happy ending so is the case of this movie- Happy Ending. With incredible performances, it is certainly not the end of Saif Ali Khan with Happy Ending, as he has successfully carved his niche in comedy with perfect timing. Watch out for these elements in Happy Ending.


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