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Happy Birthday Varun Dhawan, the Badlapur actor turns 30 today  

Jeetu Likhar



varun dhawan upset about dishoom ban in pakistan

Varun Dhawan turns 30 today, so, at the outset a very happy and prosperous birthday to Varun Dhawan. And like many he is taking it pretty well. In an interview he said that people around him are making a big deal out of him turning 30. “Honestly, I feel like I am still little (laughs). Maybe, it’s because my parents and my brother  still treat me like a kid. My friends still treat me the way they used to when I was in school. Karan (Johar) still laughs at me whenever I talk to him. So, he is exactly the same with me.” he said. Well, we are happy that is he not taking it like Joey Tribbiani did in Friends.

Coming back to his “I am still little” point, we thought we should show all the actor’s fans how he looked when he actually was little. It goes without saying that he was even cuter. Wonder what is Varun doing for his birthday? The answer will surprise you. He is shooting for Judwaa 2 in London. Yep, Varun has a working birthday. In the interview with Hindustan Times he said, “My dad has planned an entire day of shooting for me. That’s what he has planned, so there are no days off. In the entire schedule of 40 days (in London), there are only two to three days off, so it’s a very hectic schedule, and I am shooting every day.” Well at least he will be with his family on the sets.

Once Again a very Happy birthday Varun Dhawan!

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