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Happy Birthday Kareena Kapoor, She greets her fans with Taimur & Saif

Happy Birthday Kareena Kapoor

It’s the Birthday of Kareena Kapoor Khan today, so a big day for her as the actress celebrates her 39th Birthday. So, a very special birthday to her on behalf of our readers. Well, she has always kept everyone delighted including her fans and made them happy a lot. Kareena Kapoor Khan turned one more year older day and was greeted by loads of people with her warm wishes, her friends and fans. In fact, Saif Ali Khan was seen going intimate while wishing the lady last night. She was seen with Taimur in her lap and Saif along with her when she was seen waving her fans outside her home.
Some of her close one that wished her include her parents and sister along with Saif’s sister and her hubby, while many came to attend the B Day bash.She then shared a couple of happy pictures of her bash before the audience. Kareena then greeted her fans and thanked them who were seen outside her premises and waiting to catch her glimpse on her big day. She then waved her fans in the presence of her two close men – Taimur and Saif Ali Khan. Saif seemed casual while Taimu looked cool. The family simply appeared a happy to go family and they were seemed to have enjoying good time together.
Though the birthday plans went simple as Kareena had no big party to through. It was mostly a family affair and she was joined by few friends. So no big thing this time as Kareena wanted to have good time with her son and husband only. Earlier talking about the event, Kareena Kapoor has said that Saif keeps on doing one thing or the other for her all the time. She said that he has allowed me to be the one whom I have remained all together my life and has never asked to get rid of her. She is known for a couple of movies and some of her films that are remembered include Heroine, Ki & Ka, Jab We Met, 3 Idiots and Refugee to a name a few.
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