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‘Hangover’ A Romantic Song from ‘Kick’ Is On The Floor!

kick hangover song

A sizzling song “Hangover” is ready to make you feel more curious to watch the imminent movie “Kick” the track reflects the vocals of a stunning star “Salman Khan” along with “Shreya Ghoshal” to make it more sizzling for the listeners. The lyrics are written by a renowned lyricist “Kumaar”.

Featuring “Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez the track has already hit the box office but we can’t neglect the remaining catchy feature’s that are actually the keys that makes the track more popular, like one of them is our Sallu Bhai pulling off his usual antics and funny dance steps. However the track is full of with awesome chemistry between “Sallu and Jacqueline” and a bit of Jacqueline’s blushing doses that actually pulls up the song more quickly. Overall the track is slow cum romantic number but gives somewhat catchy appearance with the dancing moves of Sallu Bhai.

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