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Handloom Day: Vidya Balan & Tahira Kashyap pays a tribute to the passion of devotion of local artists

Vidya Balan’s social media accounts demonstrate her passion for handlooms and local designers. The actress has long advocated for small businesses over high-end brands, providing a platform for tiny businesses across the country to showcase their expertise.

Vidya Balan wrote a heartfelt message on the occasion of Handloom Day, encouraging everyone to support local artists.

Sharing pictures of herself in a silk handloom saree, Vidya Balan said, “The beauty of silk blossoms in the handlooms. The artistry and allure of Handloom Indian Silks are unmatched. Let us wear handloom silk products with pride and celebrate the magical creations of our weavers, today and everyday! That alone would be a fitting tribute to their passion and devotion towards their masterful craft.”

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Vidya chose for solely Indian garments during the promotions of her flicks Shakuntala Devi and Sherni, which were largely works by local weavers from small scale companies and rural parts of India, hustling through social media during the epidemic. Vidya has given a helping hand to the burgeoning media and fashion industries in the country’s heartlands, providing a platform for them to thrive.

On the other hand, Tahira Kashyap Khurrana, who has been an inspirational force on social media for her sincere, candid, and stunning manner of storytelling. Tahira recounts her handloom narrative by narrating yet another occurrence that illustrates the value of love, hope, and belief.

Tahira took a look back at her chemotherapy days saying, “This is from 1 December 2018. I was done with 10 chemotherapy sessions. Used some spray and powder to cover the areas from where I was losing hair. But did I want to shy away from the world? Nope! Love from family and friends and most importantly my faith in my practice lead me to believe and know that this version of myself is beautiful too. This is my #handloom story”.

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