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Hamari Adhuri Kahani Movie Review: Too violent love story for Audience to Digest

Rating 1.5 *

This Friday is a solo release with film Hamari Adhuri Kahani starring Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan and Rajkummar Rao. The movie is directed by Mohit Suri, while it is produced by the Bhatts under the banner – Vishesh Films along with Fox Star Studios. The film falls under the romantic drams, which revolves around the story of a married lady who falls in love with other man. It is loosely based on the love story found among the Bhatt’s parents – Nanabhai Bhatt and the stepmother Shirin Mohammad. The music comes from Raju Singh, while the Cinematography is carried out by Vishnu Rao and edited by Deven Murdeshwar. Now, let’s dig a bit deep to find out the crux of the film.

The Plot

The story revolves around a married couple – Hari (R Rajkummar) and Vasudha Prasad (Vidya Balan) who share a pathetic married life riddled with day to day tantrums and domestic violence. However, the husband is missing since five years. Obviously, Vidya is not leading a blissful married life with a person of criminal mindset and psychopath husband. However, soon, she finds her husband missing, who according to the police has joined a terrorist group considering his criminal mindset. At such juncture, when she is struggling with her bad marriage, which often haunts her, she is being noticed by another man who is a working professional at an MNC played by Aarav Ruparel (Emraan Hashmi). He then fells in love with this lady and pledges to give her all the bliss and bounty, which she deserves in her life. Amidst all this, her husband is back and turns out a violent villain the moment he realizes the love between the two. So, what happens next and how things go bad or worse at the end is interesting thing to explore.

Script Analysis

The story seems simple and straight along with witnessing a tug of war of emotions among the lovers until it comes to an end with Aarav’s confession. However, the script is flawed with a couple of issues, which make things bad to worse for the film. The first half is all pitted with slow pace screenplays and sequences showcasing too much of pain in the film. A love story with loads of pain showcased in it has simply ridiculed the film. Ironically, you find a contrast second half, which hijacks the love story making it a tale of women empowerment and thus giving the audience every reason to regret on their decision to catch up the film. Love is lost and all that remains is the commitment for his lost husband who has a forced tattoo on her body. The film simply makes you laugh for having such a pathetic story line and at the same time can bring out your tears for losing your hard earned money that is being wasted for catching such a film.

Direction, Screenplay and Editing

The director Mohit Suri is a talented man who is known for giving some good movies. He has the expertise to bring out the best of the emotions from the lead actors over the silver screen in a miraculous way. However, with HAK, he seems to have failed miserably in keeping up the expectations one have from this man. As far as screenplay of the film is concerned, it is very much mediocre, while at times even the emotions sequences of HAK seems to hilarious to laugh rather than to have tears. You can find it too melodramatic film, which reminds the K Series daily soaps once witnessed over the popular TV channels. Most of the scenes are seen with hardly any sense backed by some weird kinds of dialogues. In fact, few of the dialogues are too difficult to understand and would rather demand for a Google search to get the real meaning.

Star Performances

Talking about the performances, Emraan seems to be missing his lip-lock scenes in which he has the expertise. In terms of acting, he still seems to be a learner, which has therefore made him confined in his family (Bhatt) business films. He fails to showcase the required emotions, which are supposed to be seen in a tragic love story, while at times you even laugh a loud while catching up an otherwise love story. Ironically, even skilled actress like Vidya Balan too was seen faltering over the film, which makes everyone feel that she, has a poor onscreen chemistry with Emraan. Vidya’s character is very much weird and she has failed to get its crux, which was often felt in her performance for her other films.

Otherwise, she is a talented actress who is known to have played various characters with utter professionalism and skills. However, this time she has failed to portray the best over the silver screen. Similar is the story of R Rajkummar, who seemed out of this world while playing a psychopath and a man with criminal mindset. He tried to showcase the emotions of violent, grumpy, unkempt and suspicious in his character, yet somewhere lagging behind while delivering it over the silver screen. The only thing you can appreciate is the music and a couple of songs of the film, rest only God can help.

Hamari Adhuri Kahani

Unfortunately, Mohit Suri has failed to make his mark unlike what he did with his previous movies. Hamari Adhuri Kahani is a film, which could have been a much better the present one. The story had great scope for the filmmaker to embark with a potential film. Even actors like Vidya Balan who have been known for their ace performance were seen getting waste with HAK. The blame goes to the director who failed to harness the true potential of Vidya, Rajkummar and even Emraan to the extent they can deliver. Their talent were wasted behind making a film, which has no direction in terms of story, screenplay and direction.

Rating 1.5 *

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