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Haider Movie Review : Shahid Sparks His Unique Look in Haidar

haider review

Among the two big movies hitting the theaters this 2nd October, Haider is one of them. It is directed and produced by Vishal Bhardwaj starring Shahid Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor, Tabu, Irrfan Khan and Kay Kay Menon. This movie is based on Hamlet the popular story of William Shakespeare. Vishal Bhardwaj is known for his love for Shakespeare and his stories. Hence, with Haider, he completes his third installment of this legend’s trilogy after making movies like Omkara and Maqbool and now this drama film. The cinematography for the film is carried out by Pankaj Kumar, while the music is composed by Vishal again and the lyrics comes by Gulzar.

Now, let’s check the plot of the movie Haider. The movie depicts the Srinagar (Kashmir) of 1995 when this state was pitted with armed militant infiltrations who soon took control of the valley with their attacks. It is a story about a young student called Haider who’s father, who is a doctor goes missing in the valley after their home is blown off. Tabu in this movie is playing the character of Ghazala who is the mother of Haider and the wife of the poetic and humanitarian doctor husband who goes missing once he gives shelter to a wounded militant at his home. With this, she keeps her son away from her place and sends him beyond the border to secure herself and her son from entering the world of militancy.

Once Haider comes to know about his father, he returns back to learn that it was the security forces who has abducted his doctor father for saving an injured militant. However, he soon comes to know that his father is no more and his mother has married his uncle (Kay Kay Menon) after she founds her husband missing. Now, the character at the centre (Haider) is all set to take revenge from the people who has killed his father and amidst all he feels that his mother has hatched a plan to remove his father from her life so that she could easily marry his uncle. Lastly, he realises, the person behind the killing of his father, now, what would Haider do is interesting to watch in the film.

Now, let’s talk about performances, Shahid as Haider has been very much effective and earnest, while he is seen getting caught in the vortex of revenge and emotions. He is seen entering into the character the best, while his incredible talent is on the display in this movie, which really proves that he is a worthy son of his exceptionally talented father – Pankaj Kapoor. The kind of madness and emotions in the form of anger and silence he has displayed would really make you his fan. Tabu on the other side was incredible in her performance, which according to a number of critics was her best role in her career while playing the character of Ghazala in the said movie.

Shraddha Kapoor in her character of Arshiya was okay but to certain extent has failed to be an impressive actress over the screen. Irrfan Khan, though had a cameo but his performance in the character of Roohdar was simply outstanding. Kay Kay Menon was simply incredible while playing the brother in law in the slimy and silky avatar. He was simply awesome while was seen talking in the movie with heavy Kashmiri accent. Unlike his previous characters played in different movies, Kay Kay was fabulous, remember his character of an arrogant army brigadier in Suaurya, the way he showcased the arrogance of the army men was marvellous. Vishal Bhardwaj is simply competent to showcase the various shades of emotions including pain, passion, ecstasy over the screen in the infamous story of Hamlet over the silver screen via Haider.

He at the same time reminds up about the harsh reality evident in backyard, portraying the man wrecked mayhem in the heaven created by god on this earth called Kashmir. All these things are carried out in the classical poetic touch. We often see and read the horror stories about the Kashmiri people, but we often tend to turn the channel or newspaper pages to avoid the adversity, however, with this movie Bharadwaj has placed the mirror over the misery people in Kashmir face day in and day out. As you continue watching the movie, you realise the incredible beauty of the wide-eyed valley wherein you can feel the aroma of Gulmohar and get the touch of the icy water of river Jhelum. Thanks to the camera skills of Pankaj was clean and vivid in catching up the movie. Above all, one of the most impressive part lies in the climax, which perhaps can be called as the most unforgettable to catch here.

Haider Review Last word

It is not often easy to make a movie based on Hamlet but hats off to directors like Vishal Bhardwaj, who really left no stone unturned to bring out the movie the best. You may find some dialogues going over your head, as they are in hardcore Urdu, however, the people knowing this language would enjoy the melody of the movie in the real sense. The audience who is keen to catch up masala movies, may find Haider a bit slow, however, the art and literature loving audience would call it a Magnus opus from Vishal. In other words, you can call Haider to be a movie with brilliant cinematic experience, which goes beyond the melodrama and the unrealistic fantasies evident in any typical Bollywood clichés. If you have the appetite for revenge or tragedy dramas, you cannot think of skipping Haider anymore.

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