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Haider First Day Opening Box Office Collection Come Up More Than Expectations

It’s time for some Kashmir styles, scenes, locales and action, I’m sure you might have guessed what exactly we are going to discuss, don’t you? Coming to the track, ‘Haider’ a movie especially for the fans of a renowned actor ‘Shahid Kapoor along with a sensational celeb of B town none other than Shraddha Kapoor an actress cum a beginner in the field of singing, finally released with a tremendous response on its first day. Under the directions of ‘Vishal Bhardwaj’ the movie actually created a boom in the box office. Highlighting some of the key features then the only thing that magnifies the viewer’s towards the movie is the locales of our Heaven on the earth i.e. ‘Kashmir’.

Creating a massive boom amongst the fans and viewers, the makers of the movie had really created some un explainable attraction that makes us eager to watch the movie, but as the movie is in the air, what makes us more curious to know is the collection whether the movie really impressed the audience or not, despite by the fact of release of Bang Bang!! On the same day itself and UN knowingly we are trying to compare both by creating a myth that the battle between Bang Bang and Haider would surely be won by ‘Bang Bang isn’t? But, hold on guys there is something that we need to change for this, though the makers of Bang Bang might have overtaken Haider by some parameters in promos and tracks but, as soon as the movies released it seems like both are facing a toughest battle for the collection, yes you read this right! Talking about Shahid’s movie then Haider is riding against huge odds and as per the sources Disney has confirmed that they are aiming for a 1100 screens opening for Haider and on the day of its release the movie has done a business of 7 Crores approx. which is a huge applause from the audience, but the point is will this applause be continues? It’s actually a big question right now but let’s just wait n watch whether battle becomes toughest or not?

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