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Guthhi – Sunil Grover Come back In Comedy Nights with Kapil


‘Comedy Nights with Kapil‘ the famous comedy serial seems to be catching rapid fire in the news now a days, before the hitting news that our Dabangg Khan invitation in the serial could be quenched, the upcoming news that “Sunil Grover – Guthhi” a well know comedian is finally be seen on the floor of “Comedy Nights” to make you laugh hilariously, although there were many controversies continuing that whether Guthhi would surely be able to join the show or not but at last he’ll be there to make us grove with his outstanding punches. Nonetheless if we talk about “Sunil” then he actually depicted in a statement that he’s is visibly excited to join hands with the cast and crew of Comedy Nights With Kapil Sharma once again and get down to tickle the funny bone of the people.

Talking about the casting in the show, then this time around 36-year-old is not reprising his famous girlie act of Gutthi but is making a comeback as Bitto Sharma’s father-in-law. However this time you’ll see him as a more stubborn and obnoxious guy, with Manju’s turn to even the score with Bitto with her father by her side, He’ll do insufferable things like – keep his torn slippers in his bag and throw it at Bittoo, spit in his own shirt pocket etc.”

Let’s see, the controversies which were catching huge fire about ““Sunil” that if he’s there on the show with his punches and laughing bags then the show catches more TRPs” is really true or not.

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