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Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima : Importance and the way it is celebrated 

Guru PurminaGuru Purnima also spelled as Guru Poornima, is an Indian (also celebrated in Nepal) Nepalese Spiritual Tradition, which is devoted to academic and spiritual teachers who have evolved/enlightened humans that are ready to share their wisdom with no or minimal monetary expectations that are based on Karma Yoga. This festival is of people following Hinduism in India including the Jains and Buddhists as well, which is meant to honour their chosen spiritual leader or teacher to express their gratitude. Since this fest is celebrated on a full moon day hence it has the name Purnima in it. The festival is celebrated in the month of June or July and as per the Hindu rituals, this month is called as Ashadha.

Importance of the Festival

This day in which the festival is observed is believed to mark the first peak of the lunar cycle that comes after the peak of the solar cycle. On this festival called the Guru Purnima mandatorily demands the followers to meet their teacher or leader for getting the spiritual rays and thus get the blessings? This is really vital as far as respecting and following the discipline of the Guru. In this very day, we find everyone needing the help to meet with the Satguru and thus getting the chance to come in to touch the feet to get the spiritual power seeking the voice of SATGURU during the time of SATSANG. Owing to this every student of that particular Guru is seen getting charged with spiritual power.Importance And Significance Of Guru Purnima

How is the Day Celebrated?

On the festival day, the aspirants often get up early during the morning hours and take a holy bath and then seen meditating for their Gurus. If it is possible to meet their Gurus, the people meet them along with participating in the Puja carried out for their Gurus’ residences. Or else they keep their photos and pray in their own houses. Their activities are as under:Guru Purnima

  • The Devotees are seen visiting at Gurus Ashrams to seek their blessings.
  • They worship the Sadhus and Sanyasis and serve them the specially prepared food.
  • They spend their whole days listening to their guru’s spiritual discourses
  • The Gurus could be seen initiating their Sanyas on this day along with their devotees
  • The devoted disciples are also seen fasting for the day and then make new spiritual resolutions on this day.
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