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Gulshan Grover Talks Over His Biography, Bad Man

Gulshan Grover


Gulshan Grover has been the real badman of Bollywood and what comes to the mind thinking about him definitely justifies his soon coming biography, titled Bad Man. Throwing light on the same, he mentioned that this one is going to be different from all other such works covered by his peers. This one doesn’t just seem to make big in Bollywood, but also charts over his journey in Hollywood in the pre-internet era. The actor, who has made his remarkable career out of playing antagonists in the leading Hindi films, opened up a lot about his upcoming biography.

Speaking about the straddling standards of Bollywood and Hollywood, he said on a media platform that holding as an actor in the commercial sphere was quite deterrent in him for getting acting jobs in Hollywood. He further captioned, “I’m not the first Indian actor to work in films outside but my predecessors settled there. I was there to make a transition and not look for work. That was a lot more difficult than just getting an acting job as filmmakers there thought you couldn’t be relied on because of the distance and time difference, etc. Also, I was a product of commercial cinema that was looked down upon. Even today, it will not be conceded that we should be approached first for world cinema. People, neither there nor here, believed I could do it. All they knew was, he’s from a film industry where stars break into a dance every five minutes.”

The talented actor has done a list of different language films including- Polish, Iranian, Malay, French, Australian, German and Italian.

He further added that he is proud of himself for “creating a mud-path between Bollywood and Hollywood, which is being followed by Priyanka Chopra, Anil Kapoor, Irrfan and various others.”  However, the actor believes that Hollywood was the prime reason behind his dwindling Bollywood career. He mentioned that producers made a mind that after juggling between more different industries, he would charge more and hence stopped offering him work.

Talking about why he opted to pen Bad Man was because he never intended of gloating on his past achievements.

He also added that that Mahesh Bhatt praised this endeavour of his, saying it would be “inspiring” for others.

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