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Guddu Rangeela Movie Review – Average Film backed by confusing plot and poor direction

Guddu Rangeela Movie Review

This Friday, you have a solo release called Guddu Rangeela. It falls under the genre of Comedy, which is directed by the film director of Jolly LLB known as Subash Kapoor. It has Arshad Warsi, Amit Sadh, Ronit Roy and Aditi Roy Hydari in the lead roles. The film is produced by Sangeeta Ahir under the banner of Mangal Murti Film Productions. The music comes from Hitesh Sonik, while the cinematography is carried out by Jamie Fowlds. The film has also included the infamous honor killing case of Manoj-Babli, which makes it somewhere loosely inspired by this infamous case. Now, let’s dig deep into the film to get the gist of it as under

The Plot/Story

The film revolves around the life two small time criminals and singers called Guddu played by Amit Sadh and Rangeela played by Arshad Warsi. These two petty criminals are seen landing up in a conspiracy of a lady called Baby played by Aditi Roy Hydari. For the living, the two run their own small town orchestra party in a small village of Haryana apart from moonlighting as the informants for one of the local gangs. The two are different in character and nature wherein at one end you have the impetuous Guddu is often at the trail of luring women and on other side, you have Rangeela who is fighting a court case of the murder of his wife, which has no future and being carried out against the local political leader called Billu Pahalwan. The two are seen setting off a road journey, which soon turns out to be a cat and mouse chase in between the political power, police force and budding tale of a forbidden young love who is on the run.

The Script Analysis

As per the director the film is not based on the famous Manoj-Babli honor killing case but about the two bumbling criminals. The said case mere remains as the backdrop of the movie catering interesting angle for the audience. However, as you catch the film, you end up getting a different impression all together. Unlike any typical Subhash Kapoor film, Guddu Rangeela also starts with a backdrop of a crime inspired by the 2007 infamous honor killing incident. Thanks to his background of journalism, which gives him the knack to infiltrate certain real time incidences to make the story alive and energetic. However, in reality, he seems to have failed in this claim as the story becomes a simple revenge saga between the lead actor and the man in negative role (Ronit Roy) called Billu Pahalwan. A local gang exploits the enmity between the bumbling criminal – Rangeela and the local leader -Billu claiming to give a personal touch in a crime to make things really passionate. However, nothing interesting oozes out from the film except some good jokes and puns along with hilarious kinds of action and dialogues, which make you wonder as to why you have come to watch the film rather enjoying the comic timing of Arshad Warsi, which ironically seems lesser in the film despite he has the strength on it.

Star Performances

Soon, you are lost in the movie getting confused and perplexed as to what’s happening amidst comedy, action and several other elements clubbed together in an abrupt manner. As far as the star performances are concerned, they seemed okay but nothing comes as impressive. In fact, the director has failed to bring out the best from these two actors. Take the case of Arshad Warsi, his strength lays in comedy and humors roles, his perfect comic timing seemed untouched in the film as he was seen in the role of a criminal who cracks fewer puns but seen more in an action mode. In a sense, good actors like Arshad Warsi seems to have wasted in the film and similar is the story of the other guy Amit Sadh who is perfect in any serious roles not in a character who is callous and carefree guy living amidst comedy and in a wait for an opportunity to lure any woman.

Ronit Roy again turned out the victim of overacting as always. He somehow failed portray the negative character as it was written for him. Though he seemed better at times yet failed to score good points if we look at the overall angle of the film. Aditi though looked cute and innocent but had less of the screen space, which means she has very less opportunity to showcase her best over the silver screen. The other elements like music, songs, screenplay, editing and other elements remained okay but they failed to add any entertainment value to the film. All in all, the film is an average movie, which fails to entertain the audience.

Guddu Rangeela Review Last Words :

Guddu Rangeela is essentially a film based on the famous Honor Killing Case of Manoj-Babli, which has been incorporated along with the two bumbling criminals in it. This simply has hampered the script wrecking havoc for the film, which at the end of the day gives the audience nothing but certain instances to laugh and many other things to curse. Ironically, most of the actors in the lead roles were seen struggling to give the best as they failed to be utilized the best for their expertise. This has eventually made things bad to worse making Guddu Rangeela just another film in Bollywood, which come and disappear without getting anyone’s heed on it.

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