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Guddu Ki Gun, Main Aur Charles & Titli – First Weekend Box Office Report

1st weekend box-office-main-aur-charles-titli-guddu-ki-gun

Last Friday was a busy one with too many films of diverse subject was seen releasing. Let’s start with the first – the Kunal Khemu starrer film Guddu Ki Gun, which falls under the adult comedy category. With most of the critics giving negative review about the film, Guddu Ki Gun failed to impress the audience. The impact for the same was seen directly over the box office with hardly much collection. Kunal is unlucky to give a good movie and thus with Guddu Ki Gun it turned out to be the back to back flop film.

As the film was categorised with ‘A’ certificate, hence, such movies simply limits the occupancy for its audience affecting it collection. Also, the concept of the film being so weird, it was difficult for anyone to reap a good amount of response from the audience. As per reports the first weekend collection for Guddu Ki Gun tolled to around 3 crores, which is much better figure one can expect from a movie made on cheap issues. Secondly, if you talk about the other movies like Titli, which has been famed at various international film festival, it has no star value or proper promotion, which could had helped the movie.

Now, it is obvious to see a meagre collection below 2 crores. Lastly, when you talk about the film Main Aur Charles, the film though no doubt is good in terms of content, mystery and performance, it no surprise to see a better collection than the other two films. As per reports, the first weekend box office collection or Main Aur Charles tolled to around 3.5 crores, which is actually a decent figure for the film. The film is likely to get a good response in the coming days, let’s see how things change.

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