Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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With The Growing Response, Can Pk Really Create History By Crossing 400 Crores?

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Indeed, what you read is exactly we are trying to depict, a movie which was grabbing its audience just by revealing it’s attractive but something unique in looks to create an attraction, on the other hand no one in the B town have ever thought off what’s exactly the concept behind revealing such posters and most importantly magnifying the viewer’s especially on the character ‘Pk’- A crazy guy but with an innocent attitude towards the way of life, no doubt the man who actually deserve such positive reviews and feedback i.e. something to learn, exactly of whom you’re currently thinking off, he’s none other than the perfectionist ‘Aamir Khan – The only celeb of B town always with some unique concepts, thoughts and last but not the least with some unbelievable scripts that are bound to be loved by everyone in this earth.

Moreover, with the positive response apart, up till now this was something that we were bound to mention about the character ‘Pk’ i.e. fabulously executed by one n only ‘Aamir Khan’ – A man still maintaining a dignity of ‘The Perfectionist’, coming on to the most sparking thing i.e. Box office collection that the movie is on the verge to create an un beatable history in Bollywood, a record breaking collection reaching to a level wherein none, yes it’s like none of the movies have ever achieved, i.e. the movie ‘Pk’ seems to cross a huge number 400Crores soon. Though the figure is something that may be difficult for the looming movies to achieve but as far as the current scenario of ‘Pk’ is concern then certainly the figure is just few steps ahead. Just wait n watch here the ‘Pk’ comes…

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