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Google Technocrat Unleashes ‘Rab Rakha’ Anthem: A Reflection on Social Media Fixation and Human Essence Through Meaningful Lyrics

Hailing from Chandigarh, Deepman Singh, currently serving as a Program Manager at Google, has nurtured a lifelong passion for both music, particularly percussion, and technology…

Apart from guiding aspiring students on emerging trends in Cloud technologies, he rejuvenates himself by creating songs (lyrics, music, and vocals) that mirror contemporary realities. One of his recent creations, ‘Rab Rakha,’ has just hit various platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

Rab Rakha

The song explores how the younger generation fervently pursues Instagram/YouTube fame, chasing virtual followers. When combined with desires for quick wealth and celebrity, this pursuit renders them vulnerable to health issues. The protagonist (Deepman) in the song undergoes a turning point, realizing the distinction between “Real” and “Reel” followers, ultimately embracing a carefree (Rab Rakha) attitude.

Even before its official release, the song has received substantial acclaim from music journalists (via the Groover platform). Chandigarh’s RJs, Golmal Gagan and RJ Jassi, have already lauded the song in an interview on YouTube. Dance fitness entrepreneur Jas K Shan commended the fusion of contemporary music and Indian lyrics. Gauravdeep, Chairman of Initiators of Change, and other dignitaries praised the song for its clean, meaningful lyrics and catchy hook-lines. ‘Rab Rakha’ features modern electronic music elements like choir, 808, electric guitar, and violin, with Punjabi lyrics and Hindi Rap.

Deepman Singh, serving as the singer, composer, and songwriter, collaborates with Roohdari Aagaaz for the music, and Pankaj Bedi directs the video. The conceptualization of the song is credited to Deepman Singh.

To promote the track, agreements have already been secured with top meme pages and lyrics pages on Instagram. The promotional strategy involves leveraging digital marketing and influencer collaborations to maximize reach.

Deepman Rab Rakha with RJ Golmaal Gagan and RJ Jassi

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