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Good In Bed New song from Fugly

good in bed

Although a ballistic movie “Fugly” is on the trends of Bollywood just because of its music’s and songs, A new song “Good In Bed” is released recently. The vocals of the songs are composed by Prashant Vadhyar, Rajiv Sundaresan, and Sunaina Sarkar. The lyrics are written by Prashant Vadhyar featuring Mohit Marwah, Arfi Lamba, Kiara Advani, and Vijendar Singh.

The song starts with a hilarious dressing of Vijendar Singh but in the mean while he just let those off and comes into play, the keenest thing that actually catches each of the viewers to the song are the DJ bits and music which makes us feel like anything. More over if we talk about the overall song then it’s like the DJ bits and music are alone enough pull up the song but on the other hand if we try to compare the flow of the entire song with any other songs then it’s really hard to make it a hit in the bollywood.

Manoj L


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