Going at a rapid pace to the top of the music industry is Vaibhav Nagare

Vaibhav Nagare’s name is known as a supreme force within the dance music industry in recent years as he’s been introducing a wide range of dance anthems since his entry into the world of rhythms and melodies since over a decade, and has ever since impressed the listeners with his distinct tunes. He’s been working upon his music for countless years and has brought it to the forefront of the dance music scene in India, hoping to break the barricades and make his name in the music arena. Years of releasing music as a music producer and performing as a DJ at numerous iconic events and venues, he’s come to become a force to reckon with. Who’s showing no signs of slowing down in terms of quantity or quality of compositions. “Various music styles have inspired me over the years which have pushed me to extract my potential for good, and that shows in my craft as an artist,” says Vaibhav.

Vaibhav Nagare, an incredible DJ and a brilliant music producer hailing from Pune, Maharashtra who has found a unique way of blending electronic sounds with Indian ethnic elements. Born in 1994 in Pune City, Maharashtra, as a kid Vaibhav realized that he was inclined towards making music and wanted to follow his passion. He had no idea that he would achieve great success going ahead in his music career emerging as the next hotshot within the music kingdom. By producing different genres of music infused with ethnic sounds, Vaibhav Nagare started to visualize his dreams of excelling in the music industry as a reality. Today, Vaibhav Nagare has been in the league of his producing peak time dance anthems which has been enthralling one and all.

Among masses of audiences, some of his compositions have been popular which include “Desi Tadka”, “Brahmastra”, and “Senapati.” Vaibhav Nagare is also working on a very exciting project for his next release “ You Changed Me Babe” which is an emotional slap house song & dance track ‘Afterparty’. Follow him at @officialnagarevaibhav

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