Giving back to society should never be a choice – lifestyle influencer Shaun Bonett

Shaun Bonett
Shaun Bonett

Press Release: Shaun Bonett found the Heartfelt Foundation, which is an online platform built with the aim of connecting donors with the right charity programs. It was founded in 2014. As a person who believes in giving back to the society in as many ways as possible, this is one of Shaun’s many endeavors to make it possible for charitable organizations to find people willing to make a donation.

Born in London, England, Shaun Bonett moved to Australia in 1978. In 2019 Bonett’s wealth was estimated by The Australian Business Review to be $1.17 billion (79th rank). Through his many philanthropic acts, Bonett inspires several others to give back to society and to empower the less privileged.

Bonétt is a Trustee and Patron of youth and enterprise charity The Prince’s Trust Australia, which aims to help unemployed young people around the globe into education, training, and work. In an article, Shaun mentions that the objectives of the organization resonated with his own need to make a difference in several lives without focusing on one exclusive cause. The Prince’s Charities Australia has the following key focus areas:

• Engagement with remote Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander communities.
• Supporting communities impacted by war and natural disaster-related trauma.
• Promoting sustainable urbanism and retention of traditional arts and trade skills.
• Developing economic and social resilience throughout rural and regional Australia.
• Providing disadvantaged youth with a future, and
• Supporting Australian Defence Force members and their families.

In addition, he is Deputy Chairman and Founding Donor of Life Education Australia, the largest preventative health organization in the country, whose primary objective is raising funds to help children make healthy lifestyle choices.
Shaun inspires many people around the world because of his ability to not just drive successful in the spheres of work and career but because of his acts of charity.

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