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Gioconda Vessichelli‘s upcoming song “Contigo Bom Bom”

Gioconda Vessichelli

After her successful songs released by the biggest Indian lebel Tseries , thanks to which the Italian singer Gioconda Vessichelli has got millions of views because of the innovative musical style “BollywoOPERA” created and patented by herself ,(for the first time ever she has introduced Opera in India and her eclectic and genious mind has been able to fuse Bollywood music with Opera music and she has sung in Hindi language after her first experiment in India composing and singing a song along with the famous singer Mika Singh by releasing her first Punjabi album) now she has come out with a new innovative song “ Contigo Bom Bom”. This time the acclaimed opera singer winner of international opera awards being the number one over opera singers from allover the world for 7 times, will surprise us with a song having Latino beat (which is in her blood as she is from Italy) but the innovation is that she has been able to give an Indian flavour to the song by collaborating with Indian musicians and by putting Hindi words in the song along with her mother tongues Italian and Spanish languages and English (the versatile singer can sing in 10 languages and can speak 7 languages plus she can play 5 instruments as she has 2 music degrees from Italian University of Music and performing arts “ Santa Cecilia”)..so beside her line sung in opera style which is a seal that she always uses in her songs ,4 languages will be in the song enriched by Indian music over a Latino beat that will overwhelm you and will push you to dance along with the beautiful western beauties and Latino dancers present in the sparkling video settled in the marvelous landscape of Italy signed by great Italian video directors Mauro Russo .Gioconda Vessichelli is dressed by Versace in the video of the song..
So stay tuned and don’t miss it if you want a “Contigo Bom Bom”!!

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