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Gioconda Vessichelli Bio:

Gioconda Vessichelli

Gioconda Vessichelli

Real name : Gioconda Vessichelli
Nickname : Gio or Giody
Profession: opera pop singer, actress ,pioneer and creator of BollywoOPERA music

Height : 170 cm 1,70 m In feet 5’7”
Weight : 56 kg / 123 lbs
Figure measurments : 36-27-35
Eye colour : brown
Hair colour : brunette

Date of birth : 16 January 1980
Birth place : Rome, Italy
Zodiac sign : Capricorn
Nationality : Italian
Hometown : Rome

School : Scientific Liceo “G.Rummo” Italy
College : university of music “Santa Cecilia” of Rome
Educational qualifications : Doctor in Music and performing arts Phd
Choir Maestro, maestro of music composition and acting

Debut film :“Prague” 2013
Song :“Todi daaru” with Mika Singh 2014
Tv: ” 3iii International Indian Icon” on Zee tv 2017


Father : Luigi Vessichelli landowner and teacher
Mother : Lina
Religion : Hinduism
Hobbies : travelling,yoga,dancing,diving,snorkelling,horse riding

Favourite food : Indian food and Italian food
Favourite actors : Salman Khan and Leonardo di Caprio
Favourite actress : Angelina Jolie and Madhuri Dixit
Favourite Film : Titanic,”Life of P”
Favourite book : “Como agua para chocolate” by Laura Esquivel

Favourite colour : Yellow
Favourite perfume : Creed
Favourite restaurant : Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai, Hans Beck in Rome
Favourite destinations : Maldives ,Mexico,Japan ,Chile, Bhutan
Marital status : married
Cars collection : Porsche 911, Lamborghini urus
salary : approx 2 crores

She got the title of “Dame of Royal House” for her artistic career and for her social help to the poor children of the world
She is the first foreigner ever to have got the “Being Woman Indian women award” for her capability of linking the eastern and western music through the new genre of music invented by her called BollywoOPERA bringing Opera for the first time ever to India through a fusion with Bollywood music

Does Gioconda? smoke No,Alchool no
She is pure vegetarian
She has traveled each and every corner of the world and she had to make a new passport before it expired cause there were no more available pages for the visas
She walks at least 10km per day,she did the Santiago path walking for over 300km,She loves adventure travel
She never kills mosquitos or spiders ot other insects in her house cause she feels every insects to be her friends
She used to be very scared of mices but after her visit to Mices temple in India she is no more scared of them
She used to attend two schools at the same time when she was 9 years of age till 18years ( she did both Scientific school as well as Music school and in both of te she got the maximum marks and scholarships) she used to study music homeworks at home cause piano was needed and she used to study other subjects which could have been studied just on books while travelling from her house to the school.
Being a child prodigy She had a very lonely childhood always spent on piano and in airplanes for her opera tours,she can hardly remember any Christmas spent at home with her family cause she was always busy with Christmas and New Year Concerts
She always wants to get the number 1 seat in airplanes and she is very happy when the airlines make small surprises for her..(most recent ones when in an arabic airline they cooked Italian spaghetti just for her) cause she has remained a small 5 years child inside her heart
She won the regional Olympic Math in Italy but she didnt want to go ahead otherwise her family would have not allow her to proceed in her Music carreer cause she was born in a strict family which didn’t want her to become a singer so she used to secretely go for International Opera Competitions saying to the family that she was going to her cousin’s and for 7 times she brought back home the first prize winner of Opera International awards, winning on opera singers from allover the world.
She used to be always the youngest singer in the cast all her collegues being 30,40 or 50 years old so she has grown up faster than her actual age
Her mother died of cancer on Christmas day when Gioconda was a child so every year on Christmas day Gioconda organizes shows and charitable works for poor children or abandoned children in the world

She is supporting “Unicef “and “Save the Children”
She is very couscious about cleanliness hygiene and she hates to see dog s or cat s hairs in the room when she is visiting friends,she loves animals for this reason she thinks they should not be kept as prisoners in the house because they have been created to live in open air areas
Her favourite animals are horses and birds
She loves to ride horses very fast and to interpretate the birds’s singing
She always classifies people according to the vibrations coming out from their voices
Her best friend and bro is Mika Singh , she said that she understood the awesome nature of this man as soon as she heard the vibrations coming out from his voice when they met for the first time and he is for her the real bro that she never had in her actual family cause he knows secrets about her that nobody else in the world knows and she feels free to speak with him because she feels he is open minded and genious like her .
Gioconda Vessichelli’s favourite designers are Versace and Prada ,she always wears Versace clothes and she is obsessed with Prada bags.
She always eats in restaurants because she is always out of her house ,even though she can cook very well but she never has time and when she has few spare time she always prefers to be in open air and to be in contact with nature
She never uses artificial things like medicines or junk food ,she hates AC and fans, she experienced to live for some weeks with tribals in the jungle (in New Zealand,South America, Africa, India) and she really loved it cause she s a wild spirit too and she thinks that wild people are closer to spirituality
She did two times the deep in Ganga river in Khumbmela and she got to travel along with all the sadhus on the tractor with them and to open the first deeping session (she says that all the strong spiritual persons can recognize each others)
She reads a lot and she has been artistic director of Calvi festival where she was anchor and moderator of an intellectual round table with intellectuals from allover the world discussing on “Federico II”
Her name is in the Encyclopedia of music and she has refused the proposal from the Major of her hometown to name a street of the town “Gioconda Vessichelli street” because she superstitiously thinks that this could cause her premature death ,so she told them to do that after her death.
She belongs to Order of Malta and Jerusalem, she is honour member of Rotary, Lions,of many Business groups and Vip cultural circles
She can speak 7 languages,she can sing in 10 languages and she can play 5 musical
She defines herself a Byronian hero “being a mix of opposites”

Although Jeetu Likhar grew up with strict parents and was never allowed to have videogames or consoles at home, his relationship with gaming started at a young age through social interactions at gaming centres and his friends houses. With the advent of social media and the internet, he fell in love with gaming and movies even more because of how strong the bond of the online community was. Although now he is married with two kids, a beautiful job, and a comfortable job at a bank, gaming will always hold a special place in his heart.