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Gioconda Vessichelli motivational speaker guest and panelist at “Women around the world”

Gioconda Vessichelli

Gioconda Vessichelli International Opera singer winner of 7 international opera competitions where she won always the first prize over opera singers coming from allover the world , we have clapped her singing the most difficult full operas in the most prestigious theatres of the world with best conductors and acting on stage under the guide of best theatre directors ,as well as we have seen her in many tv channels in Europe and India ,(let s not forget her relevant performance at “Venice Awards” world broadcasted by Italian Government channel Rai2 where she was the only opera singer to be chosen to sing for the Grammy Award Winner movie music composer Ennio Morricone) ,but that s not all for the grown up child prodigy who has been the student and she has taken the secret of singing technique from legendary singers such as Magda Olivero, Daniela Dessi’, Gianni Raimondi , and from the best tenor of the world Luciano Pavarotti: Gioconda Vessichelli has always been a sparkling and eclectic personality curious about different cultures and in need of using her brain in a creative and innovative way.That ‘s why we will see her as motivational speaker for women empowerment conference in Bahrain where the excellence “Women around the world” and from many field of knowledge ( science, astronomy,music,art, design, members of NASA) will speak along with her for inspiring women s creativity and to take the international gathering to a superior level.

We have seen Gioconda Vessichelli receiving the gold medal for her artistic career, receiving the Noble title of “Dame of Royal House” for her capability to support through music and social work very important missions for women and children ( “ Save the Children” , “UNICEF”) , we have seen her to get the “Indian Women Award” prize,first time ever given to a non Indian Lady ,because she has been the pioneer and inventor of a new musical genre called “BollywoOPERA” whose merit is to have combined for the first time ever Opera with Bollywood music , creating in that way a bridge of union and fusion between Western and Eastern culture. This time she will be guest speaker and motivator in such a historic global gathering whose aim is to help women to elevate their thinking – both personally and professionally and expand their creative approach in order to create exponentially more impressive results.

Gioconda Vessichelli has always been active in spreading knowledge as she has been artistic director and conference moderator panelist of cultural conferences allover the world (“Calvi” “Federico the 2nd” etc..to name a few ) she has always been able to combine her performance carreer on stage (live shows etc) with her interest in spreading knowledge among new generations ( she has taught in master classes in the best Universities of Music around the world, she is examiner of International Bacchalaurate IB,she is often invited to be jury of talent shows (such as in Chicago for ZEE TV along with her jury mate the legend Bappi Lahiri and Meenakshi Sheksadri)as well as she has been conductor and teacher in Subhash Ghai ‘s international University of Music in Bombay…but her love for spreading enlightened values and knowledge it s not just limited to this : she also loves to offer her teaching and economical support in the most emarginated and poor schools of the world (we have recently spotted her supporting schools in India,Tajikistan,Peru, Bolivia,Chile, to name a few,as well as the most difficult schools of Europe and USA). She has told us after a very inspiring interview that for her there is no point in having so much PhD s and medals and cups in her house if she is not able to go out and see what the world really needs ..her mission towards the new generation is to inspire through her music and concerts and to motivate through her teaching and lectures,cause she is very confident that children and young people can make this world better if they have the correct guide.

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