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Gifting good health motto of Namrata Shirodkar

Actress Namrata Shirodkar show casing Nandhita Mahtani works at the Bleders pride fashion show in Hyderabad on Sunday

Actress-Model Namrata Shirodkar spreads a word that good gifting leads to good health.

During the festive season of Diwali, sweets and other food items is something that adds enthusiasm to the already present festive spirit. However, while these festive foods and gifts are delicious, most of them are full of carbohydrates and calories.

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Actor and fitness enthusiast Namrata Shirodkar says, “Traditionally, during festivals and special occasions, nuts like almonds make an auspicious gift. I believe gifting of almonds is gifting good health and embodies the care and concern of the gift giver. Hence, it makes them the perfect gift of good health for your loved ones. I personally try to stay away from gifting sweets like laddoos and barfis and prefer gifting, and even serving, healthier alternatives such as nuts like almonds in plain and flavoured forms.”

“Owing to their versatility, nuts such as almonds can be used to prepare various snacks that you can serve during festivals”, says renowned Chef Vicky Ratnani, “They are easy and quick to flavour and go with just about any masala/spices. Therefore, this festive season, in addition to serving plain almonds, whip up some flavoured almonds and greet your guests with a delicious variety: crunchy, plain, roasted or flavoured.”

This Diwali, combine the best of tradition with good health by including almonds in your celebrations.


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