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Ghoul Review (Netflix)- India Finally Finds Its Voice Of Horror!

After the success of Sacred Games at Neflix, the Indian filmmakers have now started taking the platform seriously. Now, we see the OTT Media service provider with yet another series called Ghoul, which has Radhika Apte, and Manav Kaul giving yet another stellar performance Ghoul, thrives over the fear of ghosts. The TV series has written and directed by Patrick Graham, while the miniseries that comes packed with the little bit of every sub-genre of the horror from thriller to the slasher. It is the set that remains close to the dystopian future while the sectarian violence that has reached to a crisis point, while the secret detention centers seems to have been establish and the military clampdown is in effect.
This is when the shining officer from the paramilitary force called the NPS with Nida Rahim played by Radhika Apte is seen with her father as she feels some doubts about his loyalty towards the country. The role of father is played by SM Zaheer called Shahnawaz Rahim who happens to be a professor who feels that the patriotism in country is shifting to killing as many innocents as one can. Nida feels that her father has been brainwashing others and asking people to do things that are not the part of her religion. On the other side, Ghoul happens to be a zombie-fied demon who happen to thrive over your guilt and it uses to destroy you.
The performance of the lead actors particularly Radhika Apte happens to be incredible and is seen exploring the most darkest one with Ghoul. She is incredibly terrific in the role of Nida Rahim and the same goes with SM Zahir playing the role of a professor showcasing the emotions very well. The Web series is backed by Blumhouse Productions and is able to perfectly portray the wide range of dark shades of characters played in the show. This makes a worthy and brilliant Web series to catch at the OTT platform. This gives us the opportunity to add higher rating for the show, which is not less than 3.5. Half of it is for the performance and rest for other things like content and other stuff.

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