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Ghayal Returns Featuring Dashing Star Sunny Deol Shooting Finally Triggered

ghayal returns

Who says that the olden gold are not shinning like a star in Bollywood? Guessing of whom I’m talking about? So, check this out.. The stars of Bollywood for whom the audience are always eager to watch a single glance, the olden gold star one n only our beloved Sunny Deol is ready with his upcoming movie ‘GhayalReturns’. Hold on guys, as soon as you glance the title what clicked your mind? Yes, I knew it’s all about anger, feelings, emotions etc a movie ‘Ghayal’– which was on the floor a few years back but believe me the movie is still on the minds of his loving fans isn’t? So, be ready as the shooting for the movie is on the verge to be rolled out have a look on the pics..

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