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Get an Edge to your Health with One Extra Glass of Water

Do you need a Holy Grain when it comes out to look fresh and maintain a good healthy weight can be accomplished by drinking a little more water? As per a new research carried out by University of Illinois drinking extra glass of water, can keep a number of ailments at bay. So, if you do not know the number of benefits of drinking water, the following advantages can be an eye opener to you, let’s check them out as under:

Water Controls Calories

For years, the dieters have been drinking loads of water as a weight loss strategy. Though water doesn’t have any magical effects over your weight loss, replacing it for high calories beverages can certainly help. When you choose any non-caloric beverages over the caloric beverage and consume diet higher in water rich foods, which are healthier more filling and help you reduce calorie intake claims the experts. Food with high water content tends to look bigger, its higher volume needs more chewing and it is absorbed more slowly by the body that helps you feel full. The water rich foods can include vegetable, fruits, broth based soups, beans and oatmeal.

Water Energizes Muscles

The cells that fail to maintain their balance of fluids and electrolytes shrivel that can result into muscle fatigue.  When the muscle cells fail to have the appropriate amount of fluids they do not work as well and the performance can hamper claims the expert. Drinking enough amounts of fluids is really vital when you are exercising. As per the American College of Sports Medicine, before the workout session, you need to drink 17 ounces of fluid, while during the session they need to recommend that people should consume on a regular interval in order to replace fluids losing by sweats.

Water Helps in keeping the skin appear good

Your skin contains loads of water and it functions like a protective barrier in order to prevent the excess amount of fluid loos. However, you shouldn’t be expecting over-hydration in order to get rid of the wrinkles or the fine lines that helps in improving proper hydration. And when your body hydrated, your kidneys can easily flush out the excess amount of rot fluids from your body.


Do, you need more reasons to consume more water? If yes then having water lock the moisture into your skin with the help of moisturizing that creates a physical barrier in order to keep moisture in.

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