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Genius Movie Review : The makers have played with fire taking the careers of the debutantes at stake

Movie – Genius

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Director – Anil Sharma

Producer – Deepak Mukut, Anil Sharma, K.C. Sharma, and Kamal Mukut

Writer– Anil Sharma

Genre – Action Thriller

Star castUtkarsh Sharma, Ishita Chauhan, Mithun Chakraborty, Ayesha Jhulka and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, K. K. Raina

Music – Himesh Reshammiya (Soundtrack album)

Production Studio – Anil Sharma Productions and Soham RockStar Entertainment

Rating – 2.5


A young IIT graduate who is regarded as a genius is on a mission as given by the RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) to save his nation from some unnatural calamity, however, he indulges into a lady with a serious love. The film is all about managing the two with a balance, so how does he saves the two is an interesting story to share. So, what really goes would be interesting to explore.


We have a story that seems to deal with an imaginary kind of person who is rare to find. He is an ace goof ball player, he can woo any girl with his impressive body psyche and style and can even shoot cool vedic chants along with bullets at the same time and needless to say that he also tops his university exams and remain an extraordinary men. For such souls, we can only say that they do not make such men anymore. The director who with this film has launched his son to give him a debut seems to have played a danger game giving him too many responsibilities to play on his lean shoulder especially when he is facing the camera the first time with this film.

movie review genius

And then you have Nawazuddin Siddiqui playing the lead negative role, who obviously has stolen the show by doing some of his performance over the silver screen. Utkarsh on the contrary is seen delivering to some extent with his boyish look and charm despite seeing the weird script faltering too often. At one go you can make me catch the potboiler, the narrative packing too many things together but at the same time not over the land. The campus romance seen in the film seem sot be soulless despite being glossy at one end. The actress who is doing her debut with this film seems to have some glam element but Ishita Chuhan fails to showcase the kind of expression expected for this emotion.

On the other side, we have Mithun Chakraborty playing the character of a National Security Advisor who is seen adding up the seriousness to his role while needless to say that Nawazuddin makes a grand entry with his incredible performance beating the Genius of the film. The other elements like music, photography, screenplay and dialogues seemed average thus hampering the overall entertainment value of the film.

Genius The Last Word

The film has some haunting melodies, which are terrible to enjoy, while the mess created by the debutant in the film backed by some filmy dialogues ruins the show.

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