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Genius first day Box office collection

This Friday, we had two movies releasing, which certainly include Genius. The film features two debutante stars in the film which includ Utkarsh Sharma, and Ishitha Chauhan and then we have Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the lead negative role. The film had its meager buzz in the media, except Nawaz, there was hardly anyone who could have made his or her presence felt with the performance. Also, the trailer released in the media had little to do with things moving in the right direction. As days passed away, the film had little to give at the box office and so was the case with the reviews also coming from the different critics in the media.Genius Movie Review

As expected the film continued to score low at the box office for all these days. The first day box office collection reached low as the film started with the occupancy of around 10 percent, which went on to reach only 25 percent that clearly indicated how on earth would the things move. As per reports, the 1st day box office collection for Genius reached to around 1.10 crore, which is still a decent figure considering the way the film has created its buzz in the media.  Also, the limited amount of screen counts also had to play a negative role for the film.Genius Trailer Review

Also the previous week films – Gold and Satyamev Jayate released on the eve of I-Day have been the competition before Genius, which made things further from bad to worse. The picture for Genius is not rosy for the first weekend box office collection for the reason that it has failed to garner any buzz around it. Thus the 1st weekend box office collection would be not more than 5 crore for Genius. The film is expected to wind up at 25 to 30 crore in its lifetime collection. Thus to expect much from a film with average rating would be a frivolous act. Let’s see how things would move in the coming future but at the moment the picture is certainly not rosy for Genius. Stay tuned to know about this film and others.

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