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Geetu Mohandas Victory of Global Filmmaking Award at Sundance

Some people often say that India is still lacking behind some things, it’s time to make them realize that despite they’re calm and humble for a time being but they are always in state to make out something to make Nation proud of it and here’s the perfect example of it. One of the renowned actress cum filmmaker ‘Geetu Mohandas’ have grabbed Global Filmmaking award at Sundance Film Festival 2016. Sounds something really interesting n motivating isn’t? Indeed it is and will surely make each one of us proud of her as an Indian!!

Getting more dipper into the spark then the award function was initiated on 31st Jan in Los Angeles to the emerging filmmakers from the World Cinema stage on the basis of their next screenplay so guess what the young lady just 34years of her age have received it for her upcoming flick “Insha’ Allah”. However talking about the movie then the entire movie will be revolving with the saga of historical decades wherein a boy who’s in search of ‘Akbar’.

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