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Gaurav to Gauri: Model became a girl after changing gender

Gaurav Arora to Gauri Arora
Gaurav Arora to Gauri Arora

Contestant Gaurav Arora, who came in the eighth season of TV reality show ‘Splitsvilla’, is well known. Handsome macho man Gaurav with muscular body was liked by everyone on the show. But now if you see Gaurav, you will not be able to recognize him. Because Gaurav has become Gauri now. Yes, Gaurav has transformed himself into a beautiful girl. Seeing whom one cannot recognize that this is Gaurav.

When Gaurav came to Splitsvilla, he admitted on national television that he was attracted to boys. That is, Gaurav had accepted that he is gay. After coming out of the show, Gaurav got his sex change (sex change operation) done.

Becoming Gauri after Gaurav, he has started to look very beautiful. After becoming Gauri by Gaurav, he was also seen in MTV’s reality show ‘India’s Next Top Model’. However he did only 2 episodes of it. After this, he said goodbye to the show. The purpose of saying goodbye to the show was Gauri’s surgery a few days ago.

Let us tell you that Gauri is a resident of Delhi. In one of his interviews, Gauri had told that it was extremely difficult for him to become Gauri from Gaurav. He realized at the age of 12 that he was somewhat different from the rest of the children. He is attracted to boys. He used to like girls’ clothes. But due to family, she was never able to come forward.

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