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Gaurav Chopra to be a part of Sanjeevni 2

Gaurav Chopra who was last seen in ‘Aghori’ is set to join the cast of ‘Sanjeevani 2’. He will be included in the show after a three-year leap.

Producer Siddharth P Malhotra explained that “Gaurav is joining the cast, but Namit’s character will be equally prominent. Gaurav’s entry will create a love triangle between Surabhi Chandana, Gaurav and Namit’s characters. Gaurav will have a mature role in the show. ”

The show, which launched in August last year, will run in a time slot at 6.30 pm. Talking about the ratings, Siddharth said that, “I cannot say that it has met our expectations, but the channel may have seen some more success in taking it forward.” As per the original contract, the show was to end on 25 January. However, it has got expansion. It is not going anywhere for the other three months. ”

Talking about his new project, Gaurav says, “Getting involved in a show midway is 10 times harder than engaging with a project from the beginning. But fortunately for me, it has always worked, as it did in Utran. So, I have no qualms about it. ”

Gaurav Chopra claims that he does not make ratings the basis of his decision when choosing a show, and said that “ratings never affect my decision.”

“After so many years of experience, I’ve understood that there are many factors that determine a show’s rating. Therefore, if any actor thinks that he can guarantee some ratings, they are wrong. I look for only three things when choosing a project – good role, good story and good intentions. “

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