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Gauahar Khan slams women for throwing fruits from vender’s cart in viral video, called her “Loser”

Actor Gauahar Khan recently took to social media to extend her support to the fruit vendor whose fruits were spoilt by an unidentified woman. Reacting to the viral video, where an angry woman is seen throwing papayas and other fruits from a fruit vendor’s handcart, Gauahar said the woman should be named and shamed. Calling the woman a ‘high headed loser’, Gauahar commented on the video which was shared by a paparazzo on his Instagram account. She wrote, “What a high headedloser. Shame on her. Please help me with any info on the fruit vendor, I’d like to buy his entire cart for him, that she caused loss to. Name her n shame her.”

Many social media users agreed with Gauahar. One of them replied to her saying, “i agree highly disappointed with her behavior. People don’t have patience they lose temper easily.” Others found the former Bigg Boss contestant’s gesture ‘sweet’. One of them commented, “you have such a beautiful soul,” Another added “you’re such tender hearted person.” As the video of the woman throwing fruits on the ground went viral, the district authority ordered a probe.

Bhopal district collector Avinash Lavania said he had ordered an inquiry. “A video of Bhopal is going viral on social media, in which a woman is seen throwing fruits on the ground from a hand-driven cart. The officials are directed to identify the woman and fruit vendor so that appropriate action can be ensured,” he tweeted.

This is not the first time that Gauahar has expressed her opinions on social media. Earlier, she shredded a troll who made a sexist comment on her video also featuring her husband Zaid Darbar.

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