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Gauahar Khan slaps media for spreading false rumors, about crushing on Farhan Akhtar

Many such celebrities in Bollywood are active on social media, and one of them is Gauahar Khan. The actress keeps on using her social media platform to share her opinion on various matters. She is known for speaking her mind. And no matter how big the deal, the actress does not hold back to keep her opinion. Recently Gauahar Khan was asked about the marriage of Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Dandekar. This is for those who don’t know that Shibani and Gauhar were a part of a reality show, I Can Do That, which is hosted by Farhan Akhtar. Gauahar said that she is very happy for Farhan-Akhtar. She also said that all the girls on the reality show crushed on Farhan when he was the host of the show.

Rumors are such that Gauahar Khan had a crush on Farhan and this left her upset. Taking the help of her Twitter, the actress has shut the mouth of media portals, which are spreading such false rumors.

She wrote, “Oh my God! U guys are absolutely ridiculous and filthy, first of all, I was asked about how happy I am about them being married in an interview, n asked if I knew about them liking each other on I can do that, a show we did together, to which I said all contestants were crushing.”..


In another tweet, she wrote, “Be ashamed!!! Absolutely ashamed that in a time when the world is at war, ppl are dying, people have no livelihood, there’s bloodshed and hatred being spread, some parts of the media just can’t stop lying through what they call news. Get a damn life.”…

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