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Ganvesh Marathi Movie Review

Ganvesh Marathi movie review

This Friday, you have two movies in Marathi Cinema, which has the M Town movie- Ganvesh. The film is a social drama , which talks about the relevance of uniform in our society having three different characters who has uniform in their central lifestyle. The film is directed by Atul Jagdale who is known for making such films, while it is produced under the banner of Vijayate Entertainments, while it has a long star cast, which include Kishor Kadam, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Mukta Barve, Smita Tambe, Nagesh Bhosale, Guru Thakur, Suhas Palshikar, Sharad Ponkshe, Tanmay Mande and Ganesh Yadav who all are seen in the lead and supporting roles. As said, the movie is made on the lives of three class of people a school student wanting to a new uniform for his independence day program to deliver speech on this day, a lady police inspector who feels concerned about the losing respect for the uniform in society and the politician who is more concerned about the material khakhi dress rather than sticking to his Gandhian thoughts.


As said, the film revolves around uniform, as the director has tried to revolve three characters of the film having their pursuit for dress giving a social drama to the M Town audience. The first happens to be a student belonging to a blue collar couple who has only one dress to wear all the year. He is a good student, which makes him got selected to deliver a speech before the minister coming for the independence day, but for this he needs a new uniform as informed by his teachers. The film showcases the struggle of this kid and his parents to get him new uniform in the movie. The next comes the lady inspector called Meera. She is an able officer with smart decision making, however, she is pissed off due to the pressure she has from her seniors. She struggles to revive the honor of her uniform, which she keeps on doing in her professional career. The third is the character of a politician who has a struggle of making things perfect in his area and visits small village and its school for the Independence Day program wherein the trio meets culminating the crux of the film called Ganvesh.

The film is a showcase of small time events of a small time village, hence one can find loads of emotional hiccups seen over the faces of these three characters, which have been presented in a right way. The director is able to portray the small kid and his family struggling for a new dress story in a very neat and clean way, thanks to their performances, which have come along in a very decent fashion. Kishor Kadam in the role of a father has excelled in his performance showcasing the perfect array of emotions the character demands. He deserves applauds for playing a father’s character who is unable to give his son a new dress for the program. Even the lady playing the character of lady inspector too has a decent role to play doing justice to the character.

The man called Dilip Prabhavalkar in the minister role has put his heart and soul while playing this character so well unlike the way he is known for doing his films. Lastly, Smita Tambe while playing the character of the lady in a blue collar couple has been incredible in her performance. Just check the way she has put forward her emotions at the silver screen, you would be deeply impressed with her performance for sure. Similarly, the other actors doing smaller and bigger roles in it are also okay in terms of action and screenplay. The film has a decent music as well, apart from a decent direction, editing and other technical elements.

Ganvesh- Last Word

The film happens to be a social drama, which has uniform at the central theme. And the director has tried to weave these three characters of uniform smartly giving you an opportunity to think about the aspect this subject can carry. However, the film is not a typical masala movie, which entertains the audience rather it is educative in nature. Hence if you are not interested in genres like these, you may not find the film engaging.

Rating – 3.0


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