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Gandhigiri Movie Review


The film has loads to deliver that somehow confuses the audience

It’s a busy Friday once again with too many films of diverse themes are hitting. One of the movies releasing this Friday is called Gandhigiri. The film has Om Puri, Sanjay Mishra, Brijesh Karniwal, Mukesh Tiwari, Anupam Shyam, Dolly Chawla, Rishi Bhutani, Meghna Haldar, Ram Sujan and Ravi Singh in the lead and supporting roles. The film is directed by Sanoj Mishra while the film is produced by Sudhir Jain and Pratap Singh Yadav under the banner of Aagaman Films Pvt Ltd. The music is given by Sahil Rayyan and Shivam Pathak while the cinematography is carried out by the talented duo Ravi Chandan and Neetu Iqbal. Now, time to dig in deep to get into the crux of the film as under:


The film showcases the idea about the way the importance of the Gandhiji’s values is deteriorating in the recent times. Well, in today’s corrupt world, the value for Gandhian thoughts seems to be feeble and people barely have any value left and it has become implausible to lead a peaceful life by executing the values in the day to day life. The questions like how to find the answers in Gandhigiri. Rai Saheb is an NRI who is back to India and an ardent follower of Gandhi. On the other side we have the petty criminals played by Sanjay Mishra, Brijesh Karniwal, Mukesh Tiwari and Anupam Shyam whom this NRI returned social activist target for the social change in their lives. The film beautifully has captured the efforts made by Rai Saheb for making people realize the importance of the Gandhian values in the contemporary times.


The film starts with NRI from dependable Mauritius who seem to lament for the greatest nation of all the time believing in Gandhian thoughts. When he is insulted for believing these thoughts in the contemporary world, he is forced to leave the place and return to his native village called Rai Bareli wherein he finds frauds of different kinds in all the classes seen in the society. The filmmaker has tried the best to showcase the values of the Gandhi the best and the way it has become obsolete in the present is commendable. He has brilliantly used the character to carve the movie as the present era really needs though has failed somewhere to give this message with a punch. The first half of the film in invested in developing a background to have the need of Gandhian thoughts while on the second half, the film has something the opposite playing with ironies to make the audience understand the importance of Gandhian thoughts. However, the need to implement in the same is missing.

Talking about the performances, the veterans are seen in the film including Om Puri and Sanjay Mishrawho has left no stone unturned to showcase the characters the best. The actors have been successfully able to deliver the roles assigned by the director, however, the filmmaker somewhere has failed to deliver the required message to the audience the way the subject and the films like these deserve. Now, if you check with other things like music, direction, screenplay, editing and photography, they all seemed okay though these have failed to empower the value and strength of the film in many ways. The reason is obvious as the film deviated from the subject covering a number of things in a hush-hush style giving thing but confusion to the audience in big way. Thus besides Gandhi, the film has a number of things like nooky, talk gestures, and other things.

Gandhigiri the Last Word

The film has loads of things to deliver, which has become the prime reason to witness the cut off in terms of audience and good rating. The subject seems relevant and has the right amount of appeal for the audience and current generation but somewhere the delivery of the message in a measured way is the problem. All in all, the movie is okay but comes along with several flaws within.

Rating – 3.0

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