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Gabbar is Back Trailer – A Hidden Vigilante Army To Fight Against Terrorism

Finally and indeed what we all were eagerly waiting for, touched the glory of hearts today in the evening. A movie name which was in the mouths of each one of us i.e. ‘Gabbar’ is back with it’s stunning cum sizzling trailer and to make each one of us think on it twice soon after watching it, thus released in the evening. Well known for this, the movie trailer features the dashing personality of B town, none other than ‘Akshay Kumar is ready for his dreadful villainous instincts, along with a cutty pie ‘Shruti Haasan’ of course to make a memorable experience for their loving fans and to give a comeback in a dashing way.

Hold on,, hold on,,, we are now coming on to the sizzling part of this, i.e. the hottest parts of grooving trailer. As soon as you’ll go on n on with the trailer you’ll surely try to co relate the instances and actions with the olden gold movie ‘Gabbar’ which was featuring the big b ‘Amitabh Bachchan’ and few more. But guess what here Ak’s fight is against corruption, terrorism and for those who are bound to tease people, so get ready for an action never ever seen before by the khiladi of B town and to teach a lesson for such terrorist people. Under the directions of Krish, the film is slated to release on 1st May, 2015. So, be ready to book your tickets before it could be grabbed by anyone else!

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