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Gabbar Is Back and Piku Box Total Office Collection Till Date

Gabbar Is Back and Piku

Facing some deepest hurdles and almost achieving the level of excitement the two milestones of Bollywood finally got stuck at some peak. Of course we are depicting about the two movies namely ‘Gabbar Is Back’ and ‘Piku’, which were actually rolling all over the B town with its hiking response and in the end made a level of excitement that made the fans and followers to think the rolling movies can surely create some shinning records. But, unfortunately in the end the movies were like something that stuck at particular point. We’ll come on to this one by one.

Starting with the movie which was not only rolling all over the B town but also was in the mouths of youngster’s and it’s nothing but ‘Gabbar Is Back’ – A movie featuring the stunning characters ‘Akshay Kumar’ along with the hot Shruti Hassan as leading characters. Moving on to the collection part though the movie was released along with ‘Sabki Bajegi Band’, so guess what the movie overtook the response and failed ‘Sabki Bajegi Band’ by grabbing a shining number of 39.41Cr on its opening day. Thus, the response continued unless the movie took a turn that, we all haven’t thought off by crossing more than 80Crores in the end of second week. Can anyone guess, what was the closing number for the collection was? Making his fans disappoint a bit by not achieving the remarkable number of 100Crores the movie was just able to grab 85.31Crores.

Now, coming on to the movie which is indeed sizzling like a star in the B town just with the name of golden letters Amitabh Bachchan along with a cutty pie of Bollywood Deepika Padukone’ and yes it’s all about the movie ‘Piku’ – A movie with a theme of crazy love for grandparents indeed given a good start to the box office collection by collecting 15Crores plus in the initial week and of course replicating the strange number in the hands the movie anyhow managed to cross 50Crores till it’s last release.

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