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What does The Full Page Ad Of ‘Padmaavat in leading daily proves?

Padmaavat Full Page Ad
Source : Bombay times

Just after the day, the film Padmavat was given the clean chit by the Supreme Court asking the states to lift the ban over the film; the makers were able to flaunt huge ads for the film. In fact, a complete full-page ad was given over the national daily called Times of India. It announced that the film will be released on 25th Jan on this Republic Day 2018 eve and many more interesting things were posed in the same ad that included even the disclaimers being added by the makers. It stated that the film has not shown any kind of dream sequence between Khilji and the Queen apart from the others.

The makers of the film both from the camps of Bhansali Productions and Viacom18 Motion Pictures then were seen requesting the people to watch the film calling it to be their proud moment when the masses would go and catch the film. Well, if you look at the full-page ad, you would find the following disclaimers by the makers, how about catching them as under:
  1. The film ‘Padmaavat’ is basically a story which is based on the poem called ‘Padmavat’ by the known poet and Sufi, Malik Muhammad Jayasi who is honored for his work of fiction.
  2. The movie has no dream sequence between the Queen Padmavati and the Mughal ruler, Khilji.
  3. The movie is being an ode to the famed legacy, valor, and courage of the Rajputs.
  4. The film simply portrays the queen with great care and respect and not damage the repute or is being misrepresented in any capacity.
  5. The film has been presented with the suggested 5 modifications given by the CBFC and has been awarded the U/A certificate.
  6. Except the five there are no further cuts in the film.
  7. The makers then declared they’re grateful to the government agencies and the censor board along with the fans and the film fraternity for their support.
Well with such disclaimers one can find India reaching to such a day when movies are released with such a disclaimer. Though the Supreme Court has been applauded for their verdict but the way things are movies are disappointing, so what do you say!
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