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Fugly Review – Let’s face the picture in a right direction to see things right

Fugly reviews

Cast: Jimmy Shergill, Mohit Marwah, Kiara Advani, Vijender Singh, Arfi Lamba
Director: Kabir Sadanand

Review : The picture you get about Fugly is simply the contrast to the promos and trailers or promotional stuff of the movie. And most of the reviewers have covered the same angle in their reviews about the movie. However, Fugly is not all Furkey type movies wherein four friends are seen having the same ball in life. However, Fugly is all about a reincarnation of Rang De Basanti hitting the theaters in the new government era. The movie has a thoughtful script, which gives all reasons to keep alive the nationalism spirit as we see the self serving corruption flourishing all around.

Fugly is movie that talks about social awakening. It deals with serious issues like gay skiny business, khaki clad fascism rampant in our society and excessive and obsessive kind of TV journalism. Perhaps it has crammed up with so many social issues together giving a cluttered look and feel yet the idea seems to be very much resonant and relevant. Yet you will not find the director biting into more than the ones he can chew. The camera of Milind Joga seems to be wandering over the streets of Gurgaon and Delhi in the quest of finding the answers for issues like moral bankruptcy. You can find this as the portrait of our beloved nation, which seems to be have grappled with damnation provided you look in the eyes of the four impulsive youngsters. Though the movie fails to garner the star value yet it should be applauded for giving the break to the four new faces. You can give kudos to the director who dared treading this kind of path with the novices.

There are many scenes in the movie, which can be called captivating ones, which are worthy to catch in the movie. However, as you watch the movie it seems to have suffered to things like mood swings. At one moment you witness the uncanny cat and mouse game with the diabolic police guy Chautala (Jimmy Shergill), while the next moment you find Vijendra Singh trying certain comic skits before the IT office who has come to raid his father’s property. All the four seems to be incredible in playing their characters neatly. Kabir Sadanand seems to keep the proceedings very much aesthetic and believable. The climax of the movie is certainly going to give a shock and at the same time can move you as well. Both Kiara Advani and Mohit Marwah seem to have the star stuff in them, while their on screen chemistry can be called undefined and perfect in item song.

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