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From Virat Kohli to Alia Bhatt; These celebs earn THIS whopping amount through social media

Celebrities are always hyped by their fan following. Be there cricket or entertainment, the maximum number of fans they gain builds their celebrity power and also their brand value. Instagram has been one of the best ways for the celebs to measure their followings and earn a lot from the brands by promoting the brands on their social media.

Today, let’s talk about the top celebrities who bill a whooping amount to do a particular brand promotion social media post.

1 Virat Kohli
Indian cricketer Virat Kolhi is not only famous for cricket but also a lot of fans go crazy over him for his handsome looks. This has given Virat 48.6 million fans on Instagram and due to this, the stunning cricketer charges 1.35 crores per post on social media.

Virat kohli.
Virat kohli.

2 Priyanka Chopra
Bollywood’s desi girl has a huge fan following sustained for ages. The actress has 49 million followers and her Instagram and she charges 1.87 crores for a social media post.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

3 Alia Bhatt
India’s sensational and young actress Alia Bhatt is everyone’s favourite. A lot of brands approach her not just because of her fan following but her extreme effect on youngsters. Alia holds a fan following of 42.3 million on Instagram, and hence she charges 1 crore per sponsored post.

Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt

4 Shah Rukh Khan
Bollywood’s King Khan is the world’s favourite, he might not be really active on his Instagram account but has a huge following of 20 million followers on IG. SRK earns around 80- lacs to 1 crore for one social media post.

Shah Rukh Khan

5 Amitabh Bachchan
The one who started the Twitter craze among the fans might be the late one to join Instagram, but still, Big B has 14 million fans on IG. Mr Bachchan charges approx 40-50 lacs per social media post for brands.

Amitabh Bachchan-Jhund
Image source: Google

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