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From UAE to USA, Motivatioanl speaker Sajan Shah setting global platforms on fire and inspiring youth across the Globe.

Impacted over 8 million lives in 12 years. Sajan Shah is on a global mission of inspiring youth for creating better tomorrow. The motivational speaker is also the founder of United first, which is the biggest social consortium working on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030. The consortium has built the capacity of single execution in 15 states, 2 UT, 230 cities, and over 5 countries.

The Sparkling speech and massive energy make the audience sits spellbound by the speaker before them, and something completely magical happens. Listeners’ spirits soar, their skin tingles, and a world of new possibilities opens. All the well-known motivational speakers have the power to encourage people to look up with a bright outlook when everyone around turns them down. Filling their hearts with lots of hope & inspiration is their core ambition. Sajan Shah is that celebrated name in the industry who pats your back even in your biggest failure. Throughout his miraculous journey, Sajan Shah has never compromised on his ethics and morals. He believes that he is a born speaker who exists to make a change in people’s lives.

Uplifting the society with a visionary mind

Sajan Shah, a man with a great vision and deep insight has encountered various roadblocks in life but never stopped putting his best foot forward. Sharing his success journey Sajan said, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going. There will be times when you will get stuck and want to give up on your dreams but the warrior residing inside you will time and again encourage you to get up and fight. Your strong-willed nature towards your success journey will make you unique and deliver astounding results”.

Sajan Shah has been blessed and stimulated many wanna-be conquerors with motivational push and emotional support. Shah’s strong personality and spirited attitude have gifted him with the love of numerous powerful celebrities. Vice President of India Venkaiah Naidu, Hon. Piyush Goyal, Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis, YogGuru Baba Ramdev, World Peace Ambassador Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni, and many more have applauded his unbeatable and unmatchable success adventure.

Discovering talent with his remarkable journey

Sajan Shah is on his journey to unleash hidden talent and introduce breath-taking potential among the audiences. Winning several accolades under his name he proved that nothing is impossible if you do it the right way. Youngest Motivational Speaker, Memory Man, Youth Peace Ambassador, Author, Humanitarian, Success Mentor, TEDx Speaker, Founder of United First, and working on United Nation Sustainable Development Goals, Shah has achieved it all in just a span of 11 years.

With his revolutionary books & ultimate programs, Sajan has won the hearts of the listeners, transforming their lives into a magical universe. 365 Daily Motivation, 52 Weeks-52 Motivation, The untold stories of your heroes are some of the thought-provoking books written by exceptional leader Sajan Shah. Apart from writing, he has also invested his time and energy in providing ultimate life mastering programs. Youth motivation & development, Self-mastery, Boost your business, You vs You, and many more have helped the masses to look deeper into their soul and produce prodigious results.

Being a leader who lives to inspire people to achieve greatness, Sajan has delivered over 300 free motivational sessions and around 2500 inspirational talks in schools and colleges. Every year he commits to working for the development of the youth of our country to create a better tomorrow. Through his life-transforming seminars and programs, he has touched the lives of millions and stamped his footmarks for other people to follow.

Based on his work and achievements, Mr. Sajan Shah has been awarded various monikers like the

  • Memory Man of India
  • India’s Youngest Motivation Speaker
  • Youth Peace Ambassador of India

In the past, Mr. Sajan and his team have received multiple appreciations from notable personalities like

  • His Holiness Dalai Lama
  • Roger Federer: World’s Keynote Tennis Player
  • Acharya Lokesh Muni: World Peace Ambassador
  • Muhammad Faisal: Four Times Guinness World Record Holder for Sharpest Memory
  • Michael Schumacher: Seven Times Formula One Champion

Sajan is all ready to set fire on the global stage now in Australia, Canada and Kazakhstan too. Watch him on YouTube now.

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