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From the medical field to the modelling world, meet Tanisha Verma, making it huge in the industry.

Tanisha Verma
Tanisha Verma

We always hold many preconceptions about many things in life, thinking if a person comes from a particular background, society or culture or has a certain bodyweight, the must be seen or perceived in a particular way. This is why many in the world are still struggling; especially women who strive to make a unique place for themselves in their areas of interest. They go through many things along their journey, facing so many stereotypes and stigmas related to their body weight and still manage to overcome them all with grace and dignity. One also can’t deny the fact the women make the world go round and they are capable of achieving anything and everything in life. We met one such confident young girl, who initially was trapped by these stereotypes of society regarding her weight but went ahead to create a fruitful career for herself as a model; she is Tanisha Verma.

Tanisha Verma is a 20-year-old young and beautiful girl who initially was into the medical field, but somewhere realized her true calling was something else. She recalls how people complimented her as having a great personality in her childhood days and encouraged her to try modelling. However, as any other young girl who faces many struggles while growing up for reasons more than one, Tanisha Verma too felt she was too overweight for becoming a model.

Unfortunately, when she was in her drop year, she learned that she suffered from PCOD, resulting in overweight. This led her to start hating her body and because of the many hormonal imbalances, it led her towards mood swings and even depression. However, one day her hostel mate introduced her to the famous Dreamz Production House, a company that is known to identify and give a platform to young talents in India. Tanisha’s friend insisted her to give it a try in modelling.

Even though Tanisha Verma confessed that she was unsure about the same, she still went for the auditions in Indore at the Amar Vilas sizzlingel on the insistence of her friend. She stood nervous in front of the jury, Sharad Chaudhary, the founder at Dreamz Production House and the casting director, and Mia Lakra, from Splitsvilla fame. Her confidence and her natural charm, being in her skin, helped Tanisha Verma clear the audition successfully and get herself the semi finale ticket.

This has been the start of a new beginning for the young girl, who believed in her dreams and proved to the world that if a person is passionate, talented and confident about how they look and how they are as individuals, nothing or nobody can’t stop them ever.

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