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From Television to OTT and now Teleplay, Hina Khan showed her magic on all the mediums one after the other

Hina Khan has explored several mediums and characters in the years of her acting career. Being an artist, she has donned different hats by doing television shows, web shows, web films, commercials, music videos, and finally her latest debut on the teleplay. She has always proved herself as a versatile actor who can fit anywhere and in any character.

Actors often struggle to work with new formats in the industry, but it’s definitely an easy task for Hina Khan.


You will see the actress essaying the character of a passionate girl named Natasha, trapped in the stormy, evil plans created by her husband in order to kill her. At the same time, she also needs to safeguard her husband’s innocent lover, who also gets involved in this mess. This family drama is filmed and edited with such perfection that you will feel it is playing live on the screen. Hina Khan has slayed it in her role as Natasha in her first experience with this fresh medium.


Many actors in the industry would work for money and fame, but from her previous works, we can say that Hina Khan works from the heart. She has been exploring diverse characters since she entered showbiz. She always showed a keen interest in trying different genres, mediums, and content types. We always saw a different side of her in every new role she took on. The actress is surely going to shine in 2023 and beyond.

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