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From contestants getting outside food to their fees, Bigg Boss’ darkest secrets REVEALED

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Bigg Boss is one of the most popular and successful shows on television for a very long time now. Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss is now in its 15th session. The show recently held its grand premiere and the controversial reality show has already kicked off very well. A bunch of celebrities are seen locked in the house trying to survive till the end with all the fights, politics and what not.

Over the years the show has faced many controversies and many reports and discussions have been held to know exactly how the house functions. Is it the true reality or what the makers show us on TV or what we see is made up for entertainment? There are some dark and dirty secrets about Bigg Boss that are hardly known to many.

Let us dive down to dig some secrets about the most controversial house:

Payment Of The Contestants:

Bigg Boss
Image Source: News18

We all know that these celebrities charge a handsome amount to stay in the show. The contestants get their pay in two ways inside the Bigg Boss house. Either they get their salaries on a weekly basis or get a fixed amount of salary for the whole season at once. For instance there were reports that Rashami Desai got 15 lakhs rupees per week however Rimi sen got 2 crores rupees for the whole season. The bigger the celebrity the huge the amount.

Getting Intimate Inside The House:

Bigg Boss
Image Source: bollywoodlife

We have seen in almost every season a couple is made. Sometimes they get intimate but since the show comes on TV they don’t show it in the episode. It is also believed that these contestants go to the bathroom to get intimate because that’s the only area in the complete house that has no cameras.

Housemates Don’t Do All The Cleaning:

Bigg Boss
Image Source: DNA

Many times we see the contestants fighting over household work. The contestants are seen distributing works such as cleaning, dusting, cooking but it’s a secret that they actually do not clean the house completely. According to the reports, the garden lights are kept on because that’s when the staff picks up the trash from the ground. It is also reported that some workers are hired to keep the house clean.

The Game Of Eviction:

Bigg Boss
Image Source: Facebook

If you think voting for your favourite contestant will help you save them, no it doesn’t work like that. The eviction is not entirely based on the votes of the fans. The makers finally decide who will be out when and how. It is all based on the TRPs. so even if a contestant is getting a low vote if the makers decide to kick them out they will be out.

No Promotion Of Branded Clothes:

Image Source: India TV

The celebrities are not allowed to promote any brand in the show except the sponsors. The celebs can not name any brand or show tags of it.

The Real Bigg Boss:

Image Source: Jagran

Not many people know that the powerful voice behind the camera is of Atul Kapoor. He has also worked in many movies as a dubbing artist.

Contestants Get Outside Food As Well:

Image Source: TOI

It is very common to see the celebs cooking in the kitchen and sometimes fighting over it. Bigg Boss provides meals from outside on weekends. So, weekends are kind of duty-free days for the contestants.

Salman Khan Never Watches Full Episodes:

Image Source: siasat

Do you really think Salman Khan watched the entire episode of the show? Well, he only watches a few selected clips from the episodes that are important.

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