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From Disha Patani to Anushka Sharma, 5 actresses whose plastic surgery went horribly wrong!

Don’t all of you observe the fame of the Bollywood business as very captivating? Most of us do! The glamour of the entertainment industry looks extremely attractive from afar. Bollywood actresses attract their fans with their looks. We only see the perfect faces and luxurious life of the Bollywood stars. But do you know that their cosmetic procedures have gone horribly wrong due to makeup? some actors may undertake cosmetic procedures as a result of the pressures of the entertainment industry to seem ‘perfect.’ After all, everything that is regarded as “imperfect” is frowned upon. Here are several actresses that underwent cosmetic procedures, but the results were less than acceptable.

Here we will tell you about some Bollywood actresses whose cosmetic method has gone wrong.

disha patani 2

Disha Patani
In this photo, we see Disha Patani, who appeared to be in bad shape after allegedly receiving nose surgery.

anuska sharma

Anushka Sharma
In 2014, viewers of Karan’s Koffee With Karan observed her lips had changed dramatically. Later in 2016, she admitted to getting a ‘lip job’ in an interview with Vogue magazine.

esha gupta

Esha Gupta
Esha reportedly had lip augmentation. She however denied any truth to this.

aisha takia 1

Ayesha Takia
Ayesha Takia had lip surgery, according to sources. Her features were noticeably different.

priyanka chopra

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka had stated in her biography that she had undergone surgery to remove a polyp from her nasal passage. She also stated that the doctor shaved the bridge of her nose by mistake, causing the bridge to collapse. She went on to say that she had to have multiple corrective procedures until her nose looked normal again.

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